How do they get permission to build a house in the USA?

How do they get permission to build a house in the USA?

Your questions are answered by the Vice-President of the Construction and Investment Corporation Nattan Inc. (Boston, USA) E. Borochin.

Answer. There is a different procedure for obtaining permission depending on where the house is going to be built. If the site already has a building, you must obtain permission to demolish it. In large cities, such as Boston, this is almost impossible to do: most houses are of historical value. In this case, you can get permission only for the internal restructuring of the house while maintaining its external appearance. 
The second option is construction on a free plot of land. First you need to conduct a geodetic survey of the site. Then prepare the project of water supply to the site and drain the sewer. Much attention is paid to the fire extinguishing system, which should be provided already at this stage of preparation for the construction of the house.
Then a soil analysis is carried out on the subject, whether asbestos, radon, lead and other substances harmful to health are contained in the earth. If the experts find something, then the future developer will have to remove the “contaminated” soil in the designated areas and deliver a new one to the site. This is quite an expensive event that increases construction costs by several tens of thousands of dollars. But it will have to do, because construction will not be allowed without permission from the environmental protection department. It is also necessary to get the go-ahead from the tax department that the land plot is not burdened with anything, there are no tax arrears. The dimensions of the future structure are also coordinated: in Boston, for example, one cannot build houses higher than 70 feet, outside the city – higher than 30 feet.
Then the architect prepares the project of the house, the engineer – the project of all its internal parts. Up to 4 floors of a house in the United States can be built without the use of concrete and steel structures, above 4 floors only with their use. 
When designing a house, it is mandatory to coordinate with the health commission, which ensures that only materials that are not harmful to health are used in the construction and decoration of the house. Also, numerous rules and regulations must be observed, for example, such: in the bedroom the ceilings can be at least 7.5 feet, windows of at least 1/10 of the floor area, etc.
Each of the approvals in the instances that must pass usually takes from 14 to 30 days. Finally, permission to build a house received. It is valid for 6 months. If during this time the construction was not started, the permit can be renewed once, but at the same time you can justify what serious reasons led to this. If after this construction is not started, you will have to go through all instances again. During this time, any requirements for construction may change, and then you will have to redo all projects. By the time it takes to obtain a building permit, it takes from 1 year to 2.5 years, at a cost of 20 thousand dollars and more. At first glance it may seem that the procedure for obtaining a building permit is too complicated. But each of its moments is carefully thought out, and is based on experience developed over centuries.

Question. Where can I find information about facilities under construction in the US? 
Answer. Advertise objects under construction in the media is possible only after obtaining a building permit. Usually in the United States, such information is published in newspapers and magazines, placed on billboards in the city, less often on the Internet. TV and radio are rarely used, because it is quite expensive.

Question. Are apartment buildings being built in the USA? 
Answer. Yes. These are condos and condos. Condotels – very expensive housing, in which tenants receive full service as a hotel.

Question. Are the construction deadlines respected? 
Answer. Not always. In this case, in favor of the developer, an organization that hires builders, a fine of $ 100 per day is paid. All construction from laying the foundation to the commissioning of the object is carried out under the vigilant supervision of inspectors.

Question. In what condition do they rent houses in the USA? We have decided to rent housing without finishing. 
Answer. Houses are rented with a full finish, under the “key”, otherwise it is impossible to obtain permission to move.

Question. What is the cost per square meter of new housing in the US? 
Answer. The cost per square meter of new housing in Boston is from 3 thousand dollars to 10 thousand dollars. If you buy a house at the initial stage of construction, it will be cheaper.

Dear readers! We are waiting for your questions regarding various aspects of the real estate market, construction, investment in the United States, which will be answered by our special correspondent in Boston.

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