How to organize a bathroom repair in a new building?

How to organize a bathroom repair in a new building?

What you need to know about new buildings?

At the initial stage of the work, it is necessary to clearly understand that in the first two years the new house will “sit down” . This is a natural process in which the soil under the foundations of the building will be compacted and so-called “hair” cracks may appear on the walls. The maximum dimensions of these cracks will be from 0.1 to 0.15 mm, and by the end of the shrinkage, it will be possible not to worry about them.

Moreover, the belated repairs of neighbors that were settled in the apartment later will continually remind of themselves. After all, the removal of interior partitions, work with a perforator, and even the banal wall chipping can lead to the formation of cracks. How to carry out work in such conditions ?.

There is a way out! Specialists of the company “Heat House” recommend the following: if customers have the opportunity, you should not hurry with the move , settling and repair in the bathroom in the new building. It is better to wait at least the first winter after putting the house – according to its results, it will be possible to identify all the builders’ flaws (which unfortunately happen).

Where to begin?

New construction of a new building is different, all apartment buildings are different from each other, but the layout of them is usually improved. Therefore, in the process of repairing it is not necessary to dismantle the walls, move doorways and windows to improve the operational characteristics of the premises. Pressure and gravity communications are modern, so they should be left, previously hidden in the walls or duct of plasterboards – if the developers have not done everything before. Agree, because the interior with exposed pipes looks sloppy, even sloppy.

Repair of the bathroom and toilet in the new building will not require a change in the wiring – the networks have already been completed according to the project and often they meet the needs of the residents. But all the finishing materials (and even if they are – most often in new apartments only bare walls and floors ), it is better to remove them literally to the point of stone or reinforced concrete. Due to shrinkage in the building, cracks may form on them, so it is better to carry out all the finishing work with high quality and conscientiousness.

Note! Sometimes even buildings that were erected in the 90s continue to be called new buildings from memory. However, these houses no longer shrink, so they can carry out work of any kind – especially if the decoration and walls have worn out after 20 years of operation. In all such buildings it is recommended to carry out cosmetic repairs at least once every 5-8 years.

Repair stages

The sequence of repairs in the bathroom in the new building:

  • Preparatory events. They include the entire amount of preliminary work in the room (removal of poor-quality plaster, cheap or uneven tile and cleaning).
  • The definition of the design of the room , its functional areas and their ergonomic layout.
  • Acquisition of a range of construction and finishing materials , necessary plumbing, furniture, floor heating systems and other things.
  • Dismantling of walls and partitions or their construction. Despite the fact that the repair of a bathroom in a new building usually does not require redevelopment, sometimes the creation of another bathroom may not be superfluous.
  • Perform plumbing work indoors. This category includes hidden or open installation of water pipes, sewage networks and their connections.
  • Finishing work. The walls are plastered or leveled with sheets of drywall (magnesite plates), tiles are laid on them, the ceiling is sewn up with PVC panels, after which the door blocks and doors are installed.
  • Installation of sanitary devices. A new or restored bathtub, washbasin, toilet block or toilet bowl is installed at the designated places.

Who to entrust the work?

Renovating a bathroom in a new building from scratch in Moscow is a task that only experienced professionals can do, because it needs to create coziness and necessary amenities for the whole family. Therefore, construction should be delegated only to firms with the necessary experience, professional workers and, of course, a guarantee.

Judge for yourself, because the appeal to private performers carries more risksthan advantages:

  • Check feedback on the work and qualifications of builders impossible.
  • All agreements and terms are made out “in words” and essentially do not mean anything.
  • Often, these performers surpasses the level of construction marriage, because they do not need to take care of reclamations and reviews.

In turn, the specialists of the company “Heat House” can take up the work of any level of complexity when repairing a bathroom in a new building in Moscow, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, among other things, providing a detailed estimate, an official agreement with tight deadlines and, oddly enough , real guarantee.

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