How to start building a house?

How to start building a house?

Quite a few people want to build their homes, but they don’t know where to start building a country house. The answer to this question is complicated, since at the same time there are many factors that should influence the final result.

Consider what the initial parameters need to be repelled and what to take into account in order not to make annoying mistakes and avoid unnecessary costs. How to start construction on an empty site and what stages to go through before the foundation is laid?

Our material is for those who want to learn the basics – how to organize construction and where to start?

1. Determine possible construction costs

Before you begin to take any steps towards the construction of a country house, you should really assess your financial capabilities and understand whether it is realistic to build a dwelling with accumulated funds.

Consider the following expenses:

  • purchase of a plot for construction;
  • design works and permits;
  • the cost of purchasing building materials;
  • remuneration of builders.

Building a house of brick will cost approximately $ 650 per square meter. m. This amount implies the cost of materials and labor costs for builders. Accurate calculations are possible only after drawing up a construction estimate .

  • The larger the area of ​​the building, the cheaper its construction costs for 1 sq. M.
  • Complex architectural solutions contribute to higher construction costs.
  • The best option is a square or rectangular building.

How to start suburban construction, after determining their financial capabilities? With the purchase of the plot.

2. Choose and buy a plot

To buy a plot, you need to know the scale of the future construction. They are determined depending on the needs in the area of ​​the owners.

The best ratio of the area of ​​the house to the area of ​​the site is 1:10. Depending on the number of family members who will live together, the area of ​​the house is calculated at the rate of 30 square meters. m. per person. If it is impossible to provide everyone with sufficient space, it is recommended to increase the number of floors of the house.

When choosing a site for construction, it is necessary to pay attention to such features:

  • proximity to the city;
  • availability of infrastructure (school, hospital or medical center, retail outlets);
  • the quality of roads and access to the site;
  • the presence of a power line nearby;
  • environmental situation (presence of hazardous facilities nearby);
  • soil types and groundwater level;
  • availability of title documents (cadastral number, compliance of the boundaries of the site with the data specified in the documents).

After you bought the plot, where to start building is a pressing and topical issue. Consider what issues should be addressed further.

3. Choose the type of house – what to build?

What to start building a private house? Depending on financial opportunities and personal preferences, you can choose these types of houses:

  • Frame – consists of a wooden frame, insulation, exterior and interior.

This option is the cheapest, but also the least durable and fragile. In addition, such a house does not tolerate dynamic load – a separate base will have to be arranged for the washing machine. If you plan to build a building for decades, it is better to opt for a more capital version.

  • Log cabin – more durable.

Inside such a building, a favorable microclimate is established both in the hot and in the cold season, it is easier to heat it and such a building does not need a device for a heavy and in-depth foundation. However, the combustibility of wood and its exposure to pests is a big disadvantage.

  • Brick house – the traditional and best solution!

Because the brick – an environmentally friendly non-combustible material. Such structures are characterized by durability, resistance to adverse environmental effects. A brick house is harder to heat than a wooden one and a more powerful foundation should be selected under it.

  • Monolithic reinforced concrete house is the best solution to date.

The frame of such a building can withstand heavy loads and ensure the strength and stability of the building under different conditions. Reduced costs for concrete work, since all monolithic work can be carried out with the help of a single contractor, the walls of such a house can be made of foam blocks, which not only reduces the cost of construction, but also helps to reduce heat loss and heating costs. The possibility of free planning and record-breaking durability of such structures allow us to recommend building houses using this technology.

After the type of house is selected, it is necessary to contact your local administration for information on the list of required documents. This is due to the fact that in different regions it may differ somewhat.

4. Choose a design organization or architect

Unfortunately, it is impossible to build a reliable and modern house only on the basis of our own preferences and wishes. To do this, you need to contact specialists who not only design the structure in accordance with the requirements of the customer, but also carry out the necessary engineering and geological surveys and issue instructions on how to start construction on the site.

Based on the latter, you can determine what type of foundation is suitable and how to prepare the foundation to prevent unanticipated subsidence of the entire building.

The choice of architect is a crucial and crucial step, in order not to be mistaken in a specialist, it is useful to be guided by the following criteria:

  • the architect must have completed a higher specialized education;
  • his portfolio must contain objects, the construction of which is completed;
  • the specialist is obliged to provide the full range of working documentation;
  • assistance in coordinating the project in the establishment of architecture in the district will greatly simplify the life of the customer;
  • The range of services includes architectural supervision, as well as support of the construction process until its completion.

Cooperation with the architect takes place in stages. We list them sequentially:

  1. Consultation – during the conversation, advice is given on the selection of a building plot, the parameters of the future house are determined (dimensions, technologies and building materials).
  2. Sketch – the customer is issued drawings containing a stylistic and architectural solution. The package of documents contains the general and situational plans, the concept of the style of the future building, an explanatory note, sections, facades and floor plans.
  3. Project – implies a project passport (for approval by the authorities), as well as full working documentation – the architectural and structural parts of the project.
  4. Designer supervision is a site visit at least once a week throughout the entire construction process, during which the quality of construction work and compliance with technological conditions are checked. This does not negate the need for technical supervision of the object. During the construction of the building, the customer receives comprehensive advice and recommendations on issues arising during the work.

It is highly desirable to cooperate with a company or architect providing a full package of services.

It should be thinned, which is included in the project of the house:

  • Architectural project. Includes planning information, including the location of doors, partitions and windows.
  • Constructive section . Developed by a design engineer and contains detailed information on the type of foundation, roof, ceilings and walls. Guided by this document, the contractor performs construction work.
  • The engineering section includes information about engineering networks (water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, as well as the building’s power supply).

5. Get a building permit

There are two possibilities to legalize the future home:

  • obtain a building permit and coordinate the project;
  • to build a house without such permission, subsequently to legalize it as a samostroy, while paying a fine of 10 thousand rubles.

The beginning of the construction of the house, where to start: risk or go the standard way? What to do in this situation, everyone decides for himself.

Consider the process of obtaining a building permit.

You should contact the administration of the city or town in which the site is located, with the following list of documents:

  • an application for the granting of such a permit, on the basis of which the authorized authority decides whether to accept the request or refuse it;
  • contract of sale or lease of the plot;
  • a document for the land (cadastral passport), which indicates the intended purpose of the site, its scheme, location on the ground and the existing restrictions;
  • the project of the house, coordinated in local management of architecture;
  • an act containing information on the establishment of natural boundaries, the axes of the building and red lines, the location of buildings;

Having considered the documents submitted, the head of the administration decides on the granting of a building permit. Upon receipt of a positive response, the applicant is issued a corresponding decision. Now the question of how to start building a house should be given to specialists who are directly involved in the construction of buildings.

6. Choose a reliable construction company

Does obtaining a building permit mean that you should continue to contact the construction company? If you do not build a house yourself, that’s what you should do. After all issues with permits and project documentation have been resolved, it is necessary to select a construction company to perform the work.

In order not to be mistaken in choosing, it is advisable to be guided by such signs of the reliability of the organization:

  • The age of the company is from 3 years – during this time you can earn reputation and customer reviews;
  • a model service contract is detailed;
  • A list of the necessary documents 
    is attached to the contract: – Terms of Reference, 
    – Schedules for the execution of works, financing and construction stages, 
    – A detailed estimate of materials and construction works, 
    – Work acceptance certificates and other documents
  • the staff consists of qualified builders;
  • the presence of a portfolio, namely completed objects ;
  • the organization has quality control and technical supervision services;
  • the company provides guarantees for the work performed;
  • positive feedback and recommendations increase the credibility of the company.


Construction of a country house is not an easy task, and the relevant specialists will help the developer to cope with it. The question of where to start construction and how to organize it is in their competence.

  • You should not chase tempting offers cheaply and quickly get permits to build a house.
  • Conducted research, design and construction work can not be carried out in record time without sacrificing quality, and this criterion has a decisive impact on the durability and comfortable operation of the structure.
  • Having a full knowledge of how to start building, you can avoid unnecessary stress and financial damage.

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